Soap, cream and maybe a little honey


We have homemade beeswax soap and cream for sale that we have been making and giving away as gifts. People really seemed to like the soap so we started to sell some at local markets. We started making our own soap after listening to another soap maker claim that once you start using homemade soap you won’t want to use “store bought” soap again. She was right! I thought she was joking when she said she took her own soap with her while traveling. Not any more because we do the same thing. She also told us how the homemade soap and cream would help with eczema and psoriasis. This is what really got me interested in making soap because my wife, Betsy has had problems with psoriasis for many years.  She was right because my wife’s psoriasis has all but disappeared once she began using our own soap and creams.

We currently have 9 different scents that we make. All of the scents are from essential oils except for the French Vanilla which is a fragrance oil. For the oil base in our soap we use olive, palm and coconut oils. Beeswax and oatmeal is also added to the mix for a firm bar and a refreshing experience. The beeswax we use is from our own bees and other local beekeepers. Since we have started to sell more of the soap and cream we can’t keep up with the beeswax demand so more and more of it comes from an organic supplier of quality wax.


Our soap scents include;

Plain, Fir, Lemongrass. Sweet Birch, Sweet Orange, Orange Spice, French Vanilla,  Orange Neem  and Patchouli. We make the soap in small batches and cut and wrap it by hand, then it cures for at least six weeks. The final soap bar is a little generous of 4 ounces. As the soap ages it continues to shrink a bit so the bars do keep getting a bit smaller. This is not a bad thing because the bar becomes harder also. This means it last longer than a newer bar so you actually get a bonus in an older bar!

All soaps sell for $5 a bar and if you buy 5 the 6th bar is free. 

Hand and Body Cream


Our hand and body cream is made from beeswax, mineral oil and essential oils for a light fragrance. There are not many ingredients to it but it feels good and works well. I work out in the New Hampshire cold a lot and I normally get those painful splits on my fingers and last year was the first time in many years that I didn’t get any splits. I used the cream almost every night at bedtime and it kept my hands split free. You realize that I am quite biased about our product but most people that have tried it agree that it makes their skin feel better.

Our four cream scents are Mandarin, Tea Tree, Neem and Plain. The Tea Tree is the strongest scent but all of them have the wonderful smell of the beeswax, its great!  All are packaged in  4 oz. jars.

The  cream is $8 a jar and if you buy 5 the 6th is free.

Lip Balms


We have lip balm that is good to use any time of the year. With almond oil, beeswax, shea and cocoa butters and vitamin E this balm offers protection and a soothing relief for dry lips. Spearmint, peppermint and orange flavors are available for $3 each. If you buy 5 the sixth is free.


Shaving Soap

Shaving Cream



We have recently added shaving soap to our products. Shaving soap is different than our regular soaps. Instead of a cold process we use a hot process and different oils for this product.  In a shaving soap you want to be able to produce a lather quickly and have a lather that lasts while you shave. It took us a while to come up with a soap that we are comfortable offering to you and we think that you will enjoy the experience.

The shaving soap has 2 ounces in a 4 ounce jar so you will have some room for your shaving brush to pick up some of the soap as you swirl it in the container. We are offering two different scents as of now, sweet birch and orange spice.

The soap is $10.00 for a 2 ounce container that will last for a long time with daily use. From 12/1/16 to 4/5/17 I used one jar everyday except for a weeks vacation. I was just working with a sliver left in the jar at the end but I could still raise a good lather.


We are also offering Badger Hair Brushes for $15.00 each.



Currently the best way to purchase from us is to email me  and then  pick it up if you are close to Sutton, NH. We can mail your order to you if you are not close by. We can take credit cards, checks or cash.


My email is john AT bakerhillapiary DOT com

Thank you,

John and Betsy at

Baker Hill Apiary

You can also find our products at;

Our friends at The Follansbee Inn are using our handmade soap in their guest baths. They also offer our products for sale to their guests. Come and enjoy a night, weekend or longer.  You will love the inn and our beautiful area.

Muster  Field Farm’s Produce Stand (in season). We were lucky to have our bees at the farm in 2013 and are hopeful for expanding our bees in 2014.

Gourmet Garden in New London a unique gift shop that features products fom local artist and crafts people.

 Vernondale General Store in North Sutton, NH. Step back to a simpler time at this delightful New England general store. You will be pleasantly surprised by the friendly service, great food and wonderful atmosphere.

Sweet Beets in Bradford, NH where they have local produce, meats, dairy, crafts, soap, cream, lip balm, etc. Did we mention that its all local! Summer and winter hours so you can always find something good and healthy.

10 thoughts on “Soap, cream and maybe a little honey

  1. Love the hand and body cream . I work with the USPS and handling all the mail my hands were alwaus dry and cracked. Not anymore. Thankyou.

  2. My mother in law got me your soap for Christmas and I love it and need some more. How is it best to order it?

    1. Hi Jennifer, We’re glad that you like our soap and thanks for the inquiry. If you email me at john at bakerhillapiary dot com we can find the best way to get the soap to you. If we could avoid the shipping that would be good for you but it depends on where you are located.


  3. Hi John & Betsy, It’s Jo and Kirk We love the soap, especially the orange spice, the hand cream has really helped my dry/cracked hands too!! Thank you so much for the samples 🙂 We would love to buy some more of the soap and the 6 bars sounds like a wonderful deal! How about 3 bars of orange spice, 2 Patchouli and 1 French vanilla… Also I’d like to try a tube of the Spearmint lip balm please… If you are driving past the shop and could bring the items by that’d be great…if not I’d be more than happy to pick them up! Just let me know and have a wonderful day! xxxooo , jo (joanne)

  4. The shaving soap is great. lathers up easily, very smooth, and a jar lasts almost half a year. I think you are undercharging for the brushes, they are hard to find. Rob

    1. Thanks Rob, I probably am charging less than I could but I just wanted to have a brush available so if someone didn’t have one they could buy one. You have to understand that I want to sell soap and I wanted to make it easy for someone to get both components at the same location. People that are into shaving with a brush know that a good brush can be expensive but they are worth it. A favorite shaving brush is very personal item and users don’t mind the cost so much, it is about the experience!
      It sounds like you are enjoying the shaving soap if you have gone through a jar that you started in December.
      Thanks for the support,

      1. I’d like to order shipping of a shaving brush and two jars of shaving soap shipped to 168 Maple Street, Henniker. Let me know how to do this. If you
        want to avoid the credit card stuff, tell me how much to send and I’ll send you a check so you can ship it.
        Missed you t the Christmas fair.


  5. Your products are fabulous! I have rosacea and adult acne. Since I began using your tea tree lotion on my face, my skin is blemish free, smooth and soft. I cannot begin to say how much I love all of your products! I realized the other day that my elbows were very dry and almost sharp. Within one week my elbows were no longer terribly dry. They are actually smooth to the touch! Thank you so much for such an effective and enjoyable product!! P. S. I just had my future sister-in- law try the skin cream. She loved it. She commented on the consistency as being not greasy or too heavy! I gave her your website. Expect an order very soon. Lori

    1. Hi Lori,
      We are glad that the cream is helping your skin conditions. Thank you for the praise of our products.

      Remember: More Bees Are the Answer!


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